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Gave up on your New Year’s resolutions?

No matter how great your New Year’s resolutions are, 25% of people give up after first week. 29% give up after 2 weeks, and 36% – after one month. How many days are already gone since the first day of the year? Does have to be this way? What are or were your new year’s resolutions?

We prepared the list of “1 of 9” great new year’s resolutions. It means that no matter if you still keep up with your new year’s resolutions or lost your motivation on the way choose one of the nine below and your year still can become better than you think.

1. Get in shape

No matter what your plans or dreams are. If you want to stay here and live fully you need to be healthy.

So, when you look in the mirror what do you see? Well-groomed body full of vigor or rather average or neglected one?

It’s a good moment to answer that question. Healthy body should be your No. 1 concern. Statistically people start taking their health seriously when they lose it.

I know you may work a lot and have children or other people to take care of. But don’t be like people who destroy health to earn money, and then spend money to regain health. It’s a vicious circle at the end of which people sadly say it wasn’t worth it.  

Make a commitment to take care of your body with simple 5-10 minutes exercises 3 times a week. And don’t say you don’t have time for it because you will have to find a lot more of it when your health is destroyed. A couple of minutes for your health is a must have. Take a look at this simple exercises you can do at home without any equipment.

And one more. Many millionaires say that if they were working out while chasing their dreams they would achieve more than while working all the time taking no care of their health. So, getting in shape is one of the greatest new year’s resolutions to start with.

2. Eat healthy

Well-balanced diet is up to 60% of a healthy body. So, it’s definitely a game worth playing.

There are plenty of sites that can offer you a diet. But to be sure that you eat what really serves you try to find a dietician you can meet in person. After a professional diagnosis you can be sure that your diet plan will be well prepared.

If you can’t afford a professional dietician start educating yourself towards more conscious choice of food products. There are plenty of books and courses you can find online. Don’t hesitate to make a little investment of a couple of dollars to gain precious knowledge.

3. Reserve time for quality sleep

The pace of life nowadays is extremely high. As somebody said once “we have to run to stand still”. Sadly, in many cases it’s true.

Nevertheless no matter how hard you work and how many task you have in your calendar… Taking rest is crucial for high performance.

You probably know how many hours of sleep you need to feel completely regenerated. Listen to your body and respect its rights. If you feel everyday that you need more time to rest but can’t afford to I have two proposals for you:

  • Think over if you lose time throughout the day on things that brings absolutely no value into your life e.g. low quality breaks with social media, gossiping, procrastinating and so on;
  • If you are sure that every minute of your time is well managed you absolutely have to make up the lack of sleep with a well-balanced diet. It’s a must have! You can’t afford to eat low quality food unless you want to start adventures with headaches, ulcers and other diseases…

4. Listen to something positive everyday

Number one priority about your mental health is having a right mindset. There is so much negativity in the surrounding world. For example, did you know that 1950s magazines were 50% positive in their headlines?😲 Great, huh?

But something changed with the passing time. Magazines noticed that negative headlines attract more attention.

One of the CEOs even said “if it bleeds it leads“. Wow, really horrible.

So, what you may not now, if you are constantly bombarded with negativity how can you think positively? Of course you can’t.

That way if you don’t program your mind, your mind will be programmed anyway. With what? These information that “speak” the loudest.

Don’t let it happen. Start programming your mind consciously. Choose sources of information. Segregate information or even have someone to tell you things if you don’t want to segregate them yourself.

But the most important thing is to find a source of positive verbal energy. There are several really good mentors who can speak to you every day.

I love Les Brown and Dean Graziosi because they share their knowledge with passion in such a natural way. They inspire me to act and listening to them everyday lets me keep the right level of energy and motivation. And what is more important – I keep my shield strong against negativity coming towards me.

This is the easiest one from the list of new year’s resolutions. Grab your phone, open YouTube and listen!

5. Read 10-15 pages a day of something positive

Maybe it was a hard year and you neglected reading too much? It happens. But that’s not important right now.

One of good new year’s resolutions is to read regularly. My formula for this is reading 10-15 pages everyday. It doesn’t take much time and is simple to do. You can do it in a traditional way with a paper book or with a digital reader. You choose.

If you still think that 10-15 pages sounds like a lot? Start with 1 page a day. But read something positive or even better – inspirational or developing kind of literature. Feed yourself with high quality information that can impact your life positively.

1 page a day is like 1-2 books a year. Good starting point. It’s still better than 0 books a year which sadly is a standard for many people nowadays.

6. Avoid complaining

This one is closely connected to the previous two points. But I have to say it clearly.

Avoid complaining because it is one of the worst enemies for your success and abundance!

I remember a period of time in my life when I had to spend working hours with a person who would complain a lot. Many times I tried to say things like “it’s not that bad”, “it’s gonna be fine” or “try to see something positive in this”. Day after day, month after months – time passed.

One day when I was spending time with my friend we were talking about a certain subjected. While I was talking she interrupted me saying “wow, you complain a lot!”.

It was like a thunder. Suddenly I realised what happened with me after a couple of months of constant negative programming. I changed my thinking from positive to negative. I thought I can be resistant to a negative person. But my vigilance decreased to a level where I started gaining new negative patterns of thinking.

Fortunately this sad chapter is closed. I stopped complaining and surround myself with positiveness. Remember my example and don’t let it happen to you too. Stop complaining and think positively regardless of any challenges you face. Isn’t it a great new year’s resolutions?

7. Be an essentialist

Do you know you are bombarded with 5-10 thousand informations every day? That way we are so used to this surrounding that we don’t care. But your subconscious mind sees it and works on it.

If you don’t segregate information and let them be, you loose focus. Without being focused your mind will start drifting around. It’s a great way to spend time on worthless, low quality activities. These can’t even let you rest. There is a high probability that you will feel tired and confused.

Do not let it happen to you. Start being an essentialist. Segregate information. This will let you clear your mind. With the clear mind you can finally focus on things that are really important to you.

And you know what? When you concentrate on things that really matter do one more thing. Everyday focus on one or two things that have absolutely the highest priority and put your energy into them.

That way you will do more throughout the day than other people do during a week or even a month.

8. Reserve 15 minutes daily for meditation

Yes, definitely. Have you ever tried this? It’s totally worth it.

People live fast, are bombarded with information everyday, try to focus on dozens of things at once. So it’s obvious that their minds are shredded like a cabbage in a jar!

Have you ever tried sitting still in one place with no distractions? It’s unbelievable how clear your mind and thoughts can become. You will make better decisions, digest things faster and get laser-focused thinking.

To do this process correctly you should sit in a chair, alone, with no distractions like a radio, music and mobile phone. Mute all electronic equipment, sit still, put a piece of paper with pen next to you and think. If something important comes to your mind write it down. That’s all.

Do it everyday for 15 minutes and you will be blown away with the power of that simple ritual.

9. Enjoy little things

Time to smile! Your mind loves endorphins so every little thing that can make you smile is not optional for you. Try different ways of rewarding yourself for all the hard work you do.

When you go through a day trying to see positiveness and enjoy little things your day literally becomes better at every step. This attitude will make your mind and body feel relaxed which is generally great for your health.

What is more you will become a magnet for people who have a similar mindset as you and a repellent for whining and complaining ones.

This attitude will definitely let you smile till the moment you fall asleep.

So, did you give up on your new year’s resolutions? Don’t let yourself waste your precious time anymore. Choose one and make your life better.

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