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How To Be Successful In Life & Business – Habits Of Successful People

You’ve probably asked yourself this question many times – how to be successful and rich? Is it possible at all?

Maybe you hear about richest people in the world who built their wealth in their late 50’s or 60’s.

But today there are more and more people who get rich in their 30’s or 40’s. As a matter of fact there is no reason you should wait for wealth for many years. If you want to get rich – that’s great, and the sooner the better.

You want to belong to this group of rich people, don’t you? But… It won’t happen unless you follow a path of wealthy ones not the poor ones.

Observing successful people and repeating their steps to success is the fastest way of getting the same results. Otherwise you will be struggling as much as somebody who would like to reinvent the wheel. Look at the key aspects below, take a moment to think them over and find your answers.

1. How to be successful in life- Find your “WHAT”

Sometimes success may seem unachievable. We might think that only few people know how to be successful in life or business, and guard the “holy secret of success” with their lives. But in fact it’s the opposite. Nowadays everybody can have access to this mysterious knowledge and use it as much as they want.

what is success

So, what is success?

The reason why people can easily forget about the foundations of how to get success is because chasing a goal itself may be time and energy consuming. Therefore that “chasing” part becomes self-feeding distraction and we may not even notice it. We are so busy that we don’t have time to get familiar with something like foundations of success, right?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many people who try to become successful but only small part of them really is? There are many proofs of what successful people do have in common and what the poor do.

Now… Take a look at the examples below that will help you find the answer for the question how to become successful in life.

What don’t you want out of life?

It’s such a simple question but answers to it are endless. I can hear people saying every day: “I don’t want to be in debt”, “I don’t want this mean boss in my life”, “I don’t want a job like this” and so on. Everybody can always say what is wrong around and what would be nice to change or have.

But, when you answer this one there is another far more important question…

What do you want out of life?

Does your answer come as easily as before? If yes then great, but is your answer precise? Can you vividly describe what you want?

Several years ago I heard a wise sentence – “if you can’t draw the picture presenting what you want it means that your dream is not achievable”. So, if your answer sounds like: “I want to feel good and be rich” you can be sure that your mind doesn’t know what it means. You will stay where you are facing and solving everyday problems and wishing to feel good and be rich in the future.

Why is the question above so important?

Let me give you an example.

You have a nice, fast car and decide to go for a trip. You get behind the wheel, start the engine and drive. The only thing you know is where you don’t want to go. Mile after mile and suddenly you are out of gas, in the middle of nowhere.

Do you get it? Our ‘don’t wants’ are distractors = weak points. Going through life not knowing what you really want is like in the example above. You drift but you will never get what you want. Simply because you don’t know what it is that you want.

So, you have to focus your attention on one thing: “What do I want? What is success for me?”

This is the number one question you have to ask yourself and find a clear answer to it. Take time, go deep into yourself. Find the answer, and make it a goal you can focus on and aim for.

Knowing what you want is good because you can define it, make a plan of action and put your energy into it. You can become solely responsible for what you want and whether you take action to get it. If you decide to achieve your personal, own and big goal, you will feel powerful and unstoppable.

2. Find your “WHY”

Ok. You know what success is to you, but have you ever thought why you should be successful and wealthy? This is a simple question but again if you can’t answer it right away this should be your second worry.

You have to find the answer to your why because it’s as essential as oxygen is to people. Your why is your magnet. It should be like a desire or even like a lust.

how to be successful in life

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how” – Friedrich Nietzsche

To find answer what is your “why” to become successful and rich use two strengths that determine human actions – these are pleasure and pain. You can find more about this in my article about self discipline.

Combine poverty, low standard of life and all these situations when you can’t afford to buy anything you want with pain. Imagine different situations of poverty and combine them with disappointment. Feel all the suffering, struggles and failures. Create scenario that scares you and makes you uncomfortable. It must be something you don’t want to experience in your life.

Then, create thoughts about wealth, describe mental pictures when you are wealthy and finally can live out your dreams. Traveling around the world, freedom to spend time however and wherever you want. Loving people around, abundance of joy and happiness justified by the fact that you can afford a lifestyle you always wanted. Imagining a scenario like this seems to be all pleasure.

Maybe money isn’t the only thing that would drive your motivation. How about becoming successful as a proof of your skills, independence from the boss, and ability to work wisely and persistently until success arrives? Of course if you find your “why” which is bigger than just money your chances of becoming successful rise significantly.

In a nutshell, this is the way you have to use your mental strength – to define what you really want. And definitely the strength you need to use is already in you. Use your powerful mind, make it work hard for you.

The only way to success is when you know what and why you want to get it. This is the first and foremost what you need to know before you take any step further.

It is not enough to say “I want to be successful” because that’s what most of the people on this planet say very often without any deeper meaning. If your words are just wishful thinking your mind treats it like one of thousands of thoughts a day.

5,000 thoughts…

Look at this a little bit more scientifically. It is proven that average human being has around 5,000 thoughts throughout the day. Even if you are not aware of that fact we are thinking constantly. Either we conduct an internal dialogue or analyse and deal with information coming to us through the senses.

During a day it may happen that you wonder how to become successful in life. Several thoughts on that topic may cross your mind turning into wishful thinking that you want to be rich. And then what? You come back to your ordinary life, because your schedule is filled with tasks and you don’t have spare time for daydreaming.

What’s the statistics here? A few thoughts with wishes to be successful against five thousand thoughts not related to this topic at all. Very poor statistics right? In other words there is no possibility that with mindset like that you can become successful and rich. Not a chance, because…

“You become what you think about” – Earl Nightingale

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There is a high probability that instead of thinking about success you think about what annoys you and what should be different. We are surrounded by negativity coming from the news everyday. TV, radio, newspapers, online daily news – all kind of mediums tend to present more negative than positive information. Therefore it’s much easier for us to think about what doesn’t work and should be changed instead of what’s good and worth working for.

What you think of throughout the day?

Now it’s time to face the truth. Can you tell what you think of throughout the day? Can you put your thoughts into categories to see what types of them go through your mind daily? Try to do it as soon as possible to find out what occupies your mind.

Divide a day into blocks of time according to your daily routine. For example:

  1. After waking up, before going to work
  2. Going to work
  3. Work time (probably 8 hours)
  4. Going home
  5. Time at home until you go to bed

When do you experience your wishful thinking of being successful? Maybe it’s a moment while waking up because you feel it’s too early for you and rich people can wake up whenever they want. Or maybe during your boring or difficult work? But what about the rest of the time?

If you spend 8 hours on sleeping, there are still 16 hours left for active thinking. It’s natural that you focus on what you are doing, so every block of time mentioned in the example above absorbs your mind towards things it includes. If any of these things is not closely connected to becoming successful and rich but rather surviving who do you become?

A day to day survivor.

What I want to say here is that several wishful thoughts a day about becoming rich can give you nothing more than frustration when you realize how far this dream is from reality. What you really need to start your journey towards being wealthy is lust for wealth.

Feed your mind with the right thoughts

The amount of time and energy you spend on pursuing your dream, time spent on feeding your dream and working on it must be so obvious for your mind that it becomes your everyday life. It should be almost your obsession so that what is immaterial at the beginning in your mind would have a chance to become material at the end. It means that your mind should be fed regularly with:

  • thoughts of becoming rich,
  • desires to achieve your clearly defined goal,
  • education about how to achieve your goal as fast as possible,
  • repeating at least twice a day your main goal (after you wake up and before you go to bed),
  • positive thinking and eliminating every doubt trying to sabotage you,
  • awareness that persistence in acting is the key part of your journey.

Maybe you’ve heard a story about a traveler in ancient Greece asking an old man how to reach the top of mount Olympus. The old man – it was Socrates – answered him like this:

“If you really want to reach the top of Olympus you must ensure that each of your steps is directed towards it.”

When you make a decision that you want to be successful in life and rich, it should be the moment that would create clear distinction between your past and everything that will happen from now on.

The short story above indicates that if you really want to achieve your goal, from now on you must ensure that every step you take brings you closer to it. Burn bridges behind you so that you know there is no way back. You will face many difficulties and temptations to give up. But since there will be no other way than going forward, all of your energy will be put into pursuing success you desire.

Transformating the immaterial lust for wealth into money –

Now it’s time to get to know six steps to success that will let you transform immaterial lust for wealth into money. This is a real secret of success. These steps come from a great book written by Napoleon Hill titled “Think and Grow Rich”. If you haven’t read this book yet it should be absolutely No. 1 on your list if you want to be rich and successful person. The way to success:

  1. Define the exact amount of money you want to have. You have to be precise so that your mind could visualize what your desire is. “I want a lot of money” means nothing because what is “a lot” to you? You need a defined sum of money.
  2. Say what you will give exactly for the money you will get. What goods or services will you provide? Remember that in the law of nature there is no such thing as “something for nothing”.
  3. Set the exact date when you will have the money you crave for.
  4. Prepare a plan of action and start proceeding immediately. It doesn’t matter if you are not ready to act. The most important thing is to start acting on your plan now.
  5. Write down a short statement in which you specify the sum of money you want, a final date in which you must achieve this and a commitment of what you will give for the money you expect.
  6. Read this statement out loud twice a day – after you wake up and before you go to sleep. While reading act and feel as if you believed that you already possess the money.

These steps to success need to be done immediately. Not later, not tomorrow, because it will turn into never. Find out what you want to give in exchange for the reward you expect. Choose a way to make your dream come true and stick to it. Change it when necessary and adapt to the new conditions. If your plan doesn’t work make sure you did everything that could be done to make it work. When you are completely sure that you need a new plan, create it taking into account previous experiences and immediately start acting on it.

Desire itself won’t make you wealthy. Create lust for wealth that becomes nearly an obsession along with a good plan and persistence not honoring defeat. This is the way to success that will bring you wealth. Only bold dreams and persistent actions can turn into reality.

3. Build strong faith in your success

In order to be successful in life you must add to your lust deep faith into success. Faith will be stimulating your subconsciousness with positive and strong signals. They will sow step by step the seeds of strength and perseverance. Feeding your mind with positive thinking will generate the snowball effect.

It means that if your positive faith lasts your subconsciousness will get stronger as well. At some point you won’t need so much caring for your thoughts and believes because they will start being driven by your subconsciousness. Facing difficulties and having problems won’t be so tough to bear because you will be acting on a great autopilot – well shaped subconsciousness.

steps to success

What do you need to start building positive faith? Faith comes from listening. Great way to build your faith in success is to listen to motivational speakers who share their energy and wisdom in a way that can inspire you.

Listen to somebody whose life experience speaks for itself. One of them is Les Brown – a motivational speaker who passed the path from broke and homeless to a successful entrepreneur and millionaire, all by his perseverance and hunger for success. This is a great example of a man whose faith kept him unstoppable and now spreads and grows among those who are willing to listen to him.

It is all your job and responsibility to start building your faith in success and guard it. Especially at the beginning when you are weak and vulnerable to every obstacle and criticism. You have to be blind to negativeness coming from other people even those who are close to you.

Sometimes criticism or lack of faith in your success is a way other people use to protect you from failure. They discourage you at the beginning so that you give up now and won’t suffer later in case of failure. This is a kind of short-sighted perspective and I write more about it in my article about self discipline. Don’t believe in this and focus only on your goal and gut feeling. Sometimes we feel what’s best for us and that feeling should be protected from negative impact.

Remember that positive faith needs a lot energy to be born and kept alive. But once it becomes strong it shares its strength. Your thoughts build faith and then strong faith feeds your thoughts. Choose wisely what you think about, listen to and surround yourself with.

“What you focus on, expands” T. Harv Eker

You should be aware that everyday you are bombarded with information. Either you choose what can get inside your mind and grow roots or your mind will do it without your awareness. If you don’t select information the most powerful ones will dominate your mind. No matter if they are positive or negative. But negative information spread faster and engage much more attention than positive do. Nowadays we are surrounded with 80-90% negative information everyday.

So, I bet if you don’t care about conscious programming of your mind, negative information will do the job. When that happens you will be growing negative faith unconsciously because there will be zero mental self-guard. And negative faith is straight path to life defeat and misery. You must not let it happen.

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4. Use Autosuggestion

A strong belief in your success is essential but there is one more thing to do. It’s programming your mind with autosuggestion. Autosuggestion is a state when you stimulate your mind with your five senses. As a result your active thinking connects with subconsciousness creating a huge inner power.

way to success

In order to do it right you have to use a binder. In this case when you want to turn your faith into a command for your subconsciousness, the only way to do it is through emotions and feelings. When you visualize your future success imagine yourself looking at it, touching and hearing it. Your mental picture has to be clear and attractive, described in details so that you could engage almost all senses into the process of imagining.

When you combine your positive faith with feelings and emotions you strengthen your thoughts and make them go directly to your subconsciousness. These thoughts carry great energy.

Now, take a look at the six steps of transformation lust for wealth into money, given to you before. The sixth step needs to be done at least twice a day by reading out loud your statement. It also has to be done with autosuggestion, so after reading your statement give yourself a minute or two for emotional visualization.

Remember! If you just read your statement you won’t achieve success. It has to be read in a way which will make you feel it deeply, visualize it as if your statement was true already. Reading of your statement has to be filled with emotions.

“Your emotions are binders between thoughts and subconsciousness”

Use your imagination and create the picture of you getting money and success you desire. Try to feel them and touch them in your imagination as if they were real. See how you are happy and successful doing your dream job for which you get money you desire. Nourish your dream, enforce it with unwavering faith and practice this step every day.

If you need more precise guidance on autosuggestion you can read this.

Practicing autosuggestion everyday will keep feeding your subconsciousness with necessary energy and make it work hard for you to achieve the goal you desire. The law of sowing and collecting will be utilized with all its power. You should know that people don’t get from life what they want but what they expect.

5. The business part

All of the previous points have been about the right attitude. Setting the right mindset is the very first step towards being successful. If you don’t do this properly be sure that success in life will be impossible. Lack of the right mindset results in giving up every time when challenges seem too big to deal with.

But when you build the mindset for success you need a tool to transform your energy into money. The best way to do it is to have a machine that produces wealth. And by a machine I don’t mean that you should find a dream job that will make you happy and rich. A job may be great in many aspects but if you have any kind of limit on your income it would be naive to expect that it will make you rich.

The machine that produces wealth is called a business. This is the tool that can make you rich in which you deliver a unique product or service and will be paid for.

So, how to be successful in business?

What you need at first is to gain the right knowledge. Then you can build the right vehicle so that you can use it in the right time to create great wealth. These 3 core elements must go together if you ever want to experience wealth and stay wealthy.

how to succeed in business

This tool is crucial if you want to create streams of huge income. Business gives you opportunity which no other job can do. It’s called: no limits on your income! If you work for someone else and every month get the same paycheck you know the meaning of the word “limit”.

Don’t get me wrong, working for someone else is o.k. if it gives you all the pleasure and money you need. It’s also good when you’re just beginning your journey with working for money and don’t know what your business could be like. It’s valuable to gain experience through working for somebody else because you can learn and be sure about monthly payment.

But only with no limits to your income you can become really successful and wealthy. What is also important here is that you have to build 2 types of income: active and passive. Of course, not at once!

First of all what you need is one stream of active income until you find out how to maintain it and automatize it. Then you can create another one, and later automatize it too. But here is the cream of the crop. To become really wealthy and financially free for the rest of your life, you have to create unlimited streams of passive income.

6. Habits of successful people

Successful and wealthy people are often owners of businesses. So, observing wealthy and successful entrepreneurs is crucial if you want to create a rich lifestyle. That’s the easiest way to create wealth, there is no doubt about it.

Of course observing is not enough. If you ever wanted to be rich without asking anyone about the easiest way… Be sure you’re probably going to „work your ass off” for a long time before finding out what works well and what doesn’t.

But, if you are clever enough to repeat steps of those who are already successful and follow their habits for success it’s going to be a lot easier for you. Who wants to reinvent the wheel again, right?

There are many character qualities we can define in habits of highly successful people and their everyday actions. But some of them seems to be so visible, so significant you can’t ignore them.

I risk a statement that number one quality is…

Successful people are super-focused

They are extremely focused on what they are going for. You see, the main distinction between rich and poor is the first ones are focused, the second are scattered.

Can you relate this picture whatsoever to yourself? Let me give you an example:

– Example 1 –

You have a job, come to work and start with no plan.

You’re doing what you know should be done, but during the day your coworkers come and say “hey, how’s it going?” or “I need you to help me with this”, or email comes so you have to answer it, or clients call so you have to help them.

If you have no plan, you let them distract you from what’s the most important – your tasks, because no one told you how to deal with so many tasks.

Finally you end your day with a list of uncompleted tasks, that have to be done tomorrow. And you feel tomorrow will be even harder.

Unfortunately, instead of becoming first and most effective employee who steps up a financial ladder quickly,you choose comfort or fool yourself that you are working hard.

– Example 2 –

You have your business, so you start your day early. Since the moment you turn on your phone it starts ringing because clients want to know the answers to their problems.

Your mailbox fills up with emails from clients, accountant, partners, employees. Your desk is full of paperwork.

The worst thing you can do is to start solving every case on your own just the way they come to you.

You realize that time is limited, you need help, but you think you save money doing it on your own or you think you are irreplaceable and no one can do this better than you. You’re getting frustrated, tired and after all day your mind feels dead.

You’re scattered all day. Instead of pushing your business to the next level you do everything else that can slow you down. Instead of earning money you lose money, because of lack of time for sales.

You know somehow any of this situations? If your answer is yes, be sure that you will be fed up with this sooner than you think, and what’s even worse you will stay broke.

So, what does being focused mean? Basically it means, you really know what you’re doing and where you’re going.

You cannot let yourself be distracted by anything around you. And that starts with not knowing your goals to achieve. You will never create great wealth if you don’t know what you’re going for. But most of people somehow lead their lives from day to day as someone else is responsible for what they are doing.

Let’s see some facts regarding really successful entrepreneurs. Can you name someone who made their wealth not being focused on only one thing?

If you think of Bill Gates you say Microsoft, Steve Jobs you relate with Apple, Henry Ford with Ford cars, Warren Buffett with stock exchange investing, Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook and many, many more people who devoted themselves to only one thing.

So, if you want to be rich, how can that be even a little bit possible if you can’t stay focused for even one day? Of course it can’t be possible unless you choose. And if you want to choose much better future than your present is you have to choose what needs to be changed immediately.

Successful people educate yourself regularly

If you want to be successful in life and business you need knowledge about how to make it happen. The way you can achieve success without suffering from plenty of stupid mistakes is guaranteed through self-education. If you don’t want to reinvent the wheel you should use experience of other successful people. Do you know that one of successful people habits is reading educational books very regularly?

habits of successful people

Research made in 2016 showed that the richests read from 1 to 4 educational books a month! There is a direct relation between knowledge they have and wealth they create.

Warren Buffett said that in his early business years he studied a couple of hundred pages a day. Just to become the best in the world on the investing arena. This is a great habit to success.

Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban and many more wealthy people claim to have a regime of 2-3 hours daily reading. Why don’t you set your target of 10 pages a day, everyday? It’s a good start.

Today you have unlimited access to knowledge. Make a commitment that you will start educating yourself today in any area you want. Make a baby steps everyday to move forward. Learn the core elements of business game and master your business success.

If you want to know more about how to be successful in life take a moment to listen to Will Smith.

Remember that how you do it now, is the same way you’ll be doing it later. The better you’re now, the better you’ll be later.

The secret of success – persistence

If you are not successful in what you’re doing right now, why would you think you will be successful later?

Successful people habits do not come after they earn certain amount of money. No way! Your money grows to the limit of your personal growth. Money is a result of the right mentality, not a step towards it.

You only become successful if you develop a certain success muscle. That muscle is called persistence or self-discipline. When you have it, it gives you the ability to do what you have to do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.

It’s inevitable one on the list of habits of successful people. Self-discipline will supercharge your life, because you will be able to do 10x more than the average person. You can achieve everything with self discipline, but if you don’t have this greatest habit nothing will be possible for you.

Successful people practice the morning routine

Many successful people say that first part of every day is the most important for them. It’s time when they set direction for the day on their own conditions. In today’s world it is so easy to start a day in a wrong state of mind.

Number one morning mistake is switching on your mobile phone and checking the news. After you wake up you mind is calm, fresh and ready to be filled with valuable information. News are not valuable but undoubtedly distractive and negative.

What you need in the morning is high value programming of your mind. Look at the morning routine of a multimillionaire Dean Graziosi who practices it everyday and teaches it among his students:

  1. Put your phone in airplane mode. Stay calm.
  2. Be grateful for what you have in your life.
  3. Read something developing (e.g. Bible, Think and grow rich, etc.)
  4. Set your intention for the day
  5. Feed your body with high quality food
  6. Do physical workout
  7. Do get-to-do list.

You see, take these several steps for positive mind stimulating and taking care of your body to act successfully. Mind and body can’t achieve their peak performance when one of them is neglected. Practice morning routine everyday so that it could become your new success habit.

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I hope now you see how having right mindset, feeding positive thoughts and following habits of highly successful people is a crucial part on your way to success. Of course the way to become successful and wealthy is long and it won’t happen instantly. But I hope tips given to you in this article and others on my site will arouse your hunger for better life. All you have to do is to start your journey towards success right now.

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