how to reward yourself

How to reward yourself for all the hard work you do?

Working hard demands great gratification. It is good to stimulate your mind this way. If you know that every effort you make or a challenges you face will be rewarded you will very likely get better results from every action you take. Don’t wait for others to reward you. You can do it yourself on a regular basis.

When you make a plan for all the tasks you have to do don’t forget to give yourself time to enjoy your reward. Sometimes it can be a couple of minutes, another time you will want to reserve hours or days. All depends on you.

So, what kind of rewards can you give yourself? Here are several suggestions you can put into action.

  • If you work hard you probably need a lot of time to do this. And it may have a negative impact on your sleep right? There is always too much work and not enough hours in a day to do everything. So, it may be natural that you don’t give yourself time for long sleep because you don’t want to waste time. Therefore it might be a good idea to reserve time for good quality sleep lasting as many hours as you need to feel completely regenerated. How would you feel waking up rested and smiling? Without feeling that the night rest was too short?
  • Another way of rewarding yourself is to spend time completely alone without any distractions. Giving yourself time alone to digest all the thoughts and chaos in your mind may be very reassuring. Sometimes all we need is to calm down and clear our mind. This itself may give us new energy to act.
  • The next one of the common gratification possibilities is to go for holidays right? You may do this in a way you usually do or it is done in your culture. But have you ever thought of experiencing something totally different from mainstream ideas? If you usually spend holidays with people, this time divide your time between them and going into the wild. If you usually go north or south, this time choose east or west. Try seeing several sunrises if you always see sunsets. Do you see my point? Something different from what you usually choose may give you wonderful new experiences you couldn’t even imagine.
  • What do you do with the money you earn? If all your spendings are life needs you may lose joy of working. From time to time it’s good to choose a reward you would work for despite a tight budget. You know, it’s for nourishing your motivation and reminding yourself that life should be more fun. Getting pleasure from things that you never thought about before. Let yourself enjoy little things.
  • You may also reward yourself with a quality free time. Spending a while around nature during a walk, meeting your friends once in a while or reading a great book are great ideas. You don’t have to use your money or go for vacation to reward yourself.
  • This one may sound silly but sometimes everybody needs this. It’s called – do nothing. Sometimes it is caused by job we hate and want to leave or just the fast pace of life. I am sure that you know this feeling of waking up and deciding that today you will stay in bed and be lazy all day long. During that time you listen to music, read a book, watch TV and play games. All of this divided by meals and little naps. What’s not to like? Sometimes we all need to reset ourselves. After that we feel great and ready to go again.
  • Have you tried rewarding yourself with playing? You probably played computer games at least once. But have you tried virtual reality games yet? This kind of games involve full body activity because you don’t play on a screen but actually you are inside of it. You put VR glasses on your head and you are a part of a game. It is about to give your mind completely new stimuli. I tried it and it’s absolutely amazing! Be prepared to wake up with sore muscles the next day!
  • Now – old school type of reward: go to a party. If you are like Richard Branson – the founder of Virgin company you would say that you work hard but you care about having fun in life as well. So, why not going to a party from time to time. Music and dance alone or with friends just to chill, smile and relax.
  • One more idea for great gratification. You will like it if you are a sensual person. A hot bath with aroma oils, candles and music. All of this you can do in the comfort of your home. If you could only add to this your personal masseur e.g. your partner or spouse? That would be great.

These several ideas for you how to reward yourself for all the hard work you do can make your life happier. Remember, it’s great to enjoy little things. Your mind is a creative tool and you can arrange many ways of rewarding yourself.

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