Ways to cope with stress

Ways to cope with stress

Maybe you noticed that people live “faster” than ever before. It means we need to do more in shorter time and we are bombarded with a lot of information. The number of stimuli coming to us may cause a big stress. So, when the pace of our life accelerates people start to look for ways to cope with stress and all the tension it causes.

In such a complex environment we have to be equipped with a good defense mechanism. Otherwise our future will not be bright. So, what are the ways to cope with stress?

I would suggest dividing them into two categories: physical and mental. We should take care of our mental and physical health simultaneously. Each area has its own rights.

Let’s look closer.

Physical ways to cope with stress:

1st – Listen to your body, take rest if needed

The first point of your focus should be your body. You have one body and have to take really good care of it. Take a moment to think what could you do with weak, sore body? Not a lot right?

If everything you can think of is to ease your pain everything else is rendered secondary. Therefore do not treat yourself like a fool and know your limits. If you really need to take a rest, do it. If you need ideas how to reward yourself for hard work you do, take a look in here.

2nd – More sleep, calm down one hour before going to bed

Sometimes you may fall into the trap of constant thinking, overthinking or worrying. It can have negative effect on your body, because if you can’t calm down your mind sends signals to your body to always stay ready to act.

You can’t be always up and working. Sometimes it is caused by a demanding job you would like to get rid of. You have to know your activity time and rest time. It’s good to calm yourself down 0.5 – 1 hour before going to bed. It will prevent you from endlessly trying to fall asleep, lying in your bed and turning from side to side.

Remember that many diseases are consequences of poor sleep regimen.

3rd – Don’t exaggerate with caffeine and alcohol

There is so much research on that topic that you probably know it already. If stress is wreaking havoc in your mind and body you may want to stimulate yourself either to stay focused or trying to lower your stress level.

Combining pleasant stimulant like caffeine or alcohol with emotional situations is the fastest way to get addicted. If that is not enough your heart may not be able to always bear drastic changes of chemicals in your blood.

Statistics say that more and more people die between their 40’s and 60’s. This period of life between 40’s and 60’s is especially difficult for the human heart. People are getting older while trying to maintain the same level of productivity. Adding to this their poor health care, stressful situations and a fast pace of life no wonder the statistics are getting worse.

Take a moment to think why is it that way. People often take for granted that they will always be there. But the truth is that health is something you either work for or destroy.

4th – Eat healthy and exercise

Have you heard an old saying that you are what you eat? So, when you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see? Lots of vegetables and fruit, balanced diet or rather treats, too much sugar and a poor diet?

It’s so easy nowadays to reach for low quality food. More than half of every grocery store is filled with prefabricated food that is quick and easy to prepare. Sometimes there is only 10% of shopping space filled with healthy or green food.

Sweets of every kind, snacks, chips, sweet drinks – the more of these you have in your diet, the worse your body condition is. Take a look at what you eat and remember that nothing you put into your stomach stays neutral for you. You may not see it in a one day period, but months will show if you take a good care of your body or not.

Talking about exercises we have great bodies that can adapt to different conditions. Our muscles grow when facing resistance. But what if all of your resistance is just gravity during walking on the ground? You may feel o.k., be slim because of your genes but regular physical activity is crucial for your body and mind.

Don’t take your health for granted. Take care of your physical culture exercising 2-3 times a week even for 10 minutes. As an example take a look at this great short workouts you can do at home with Terry Crews. >> Watch them here. 

Remember that exercises are one of the greatest ways to cope with stress.

Mental ways to cope with stress

1st – Take responsibility

Some of our fears are caused by chaotic thoughts raging in the mind. “I can’t do this”, “it’s too much”, “what if I fail” and so on. Many of our fears appear because we unwittingly accept the victim’s attitude.

Fears come when you don’t have things under control. But the truth is sometimes we don’t even consider having something difficult under control. This should be absolutely the opposite. Everything starts with the decision “I want to have control over this situation”.

If you take responsibility, decide that everything you can do will be done and you won’t be a victim suddenly fears go away really fast. If you deeply know that you will take action and bravely and wisely go forward your focus goes into finding solutions instead of feeding fear.

Taking responsibility is a subject closely related to challenges in life. You may want to see the article about challenges in here.

2nd – Talk with a person you respect

Sometimes we need help from the outside. It’s always good to talk to someone mentally strong, wise and experienced. If you have your mentor go ahead and ask for advice.

If you don’t have a menor but have some friends beware to avoid people who always complain. Sharing your fears with a person like that there is a risk you will end not only full of fears but also complaining as well.

3rd – Pen and paper

Take a piece of paper and write down everything that you have in mind. Put things in order, categorise them, give them priorities for example:

A – absolutely important, impossible to ignore

B – important, but you can do this later

C – if you miss this nothing bad happens

D – things you can delegate

E – things you should eliminate from your list, because they are simply thieves of time

Be an essentialist and put all of your resources on things that are absolutely important. Sometimes you may even need to sift all things to stay with the most important one.

4th – Act accordingly to your schedule

The list of things helps to clear your mind and digest things. Once you do the list it’s a lot easier to take the most valuable action.

It’s also a very good thing to use your calendar for planning your events and tasks. Expert suggest that the best time to organise a day it’s the evening before. Planning your calendar in advance gives your mind precious time to prepare.

As a result of this preparation you can wake up in the morning knowing exactly what you should start with. Organised morning gives 50% more chances that all of your day will be effective and productive.

5th – Look for a specialist if needed

Sometimes it may occur that your stress is just a result of a complicated process in your mind or body. It’s possible that you need professional diagnosis to find the proper ways to cope with stress you have.

If you take this step maybe it is good to get opinions from several specialists. Two heads are better than one in this case.

So, what are your ways to cope with stress? If you have a thought don’t hesitate to share it below.

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