Why are you leaving your current job

Why are you leaving your current job?

People often ask each other – Why are you leaving your current job? Is it bad? Do you have another one? You won the lottery, didn’t you?!

There are different reasons for leaving your current job. Every one of them finally goes in the same direction – to make your life better. But what  does it mean exactly…

There is a clear distinction we can see over time between generations. People are changing, the world is changing and that is inevitable. Speaking of employment in general, thirty years ago people were looking for a stable job, that would give them stable earnings to live.

Then people started looking for something more than stability – they needed comfort. If they could combine these two it was awesome.

Now, the concept of stability is often a second or a third position on the list of important factors. Nowadays what people are looking for is not only work comfort. They are looking for fulfillment and self-realization possibilities.

When any of these three factors: self-realization, comfort or stability are at danger the warning lamp slowly starts to light up. Of course it’s not the time for big decisions yet, but if danger remains – doubts come.

Why are you leaving your current job - positive and negative factors

Why are you leaving your current job – the reasons for doubts

There are many reasons why you can start thinking of leaving your current job. Let’s start with common negative factors:

1st – You are underpaid

A couple of years after the first day of your current job your salary is still the same or barely increased? That’s discouraging, isn’t it? There is always a lot of work to do, because work never ends.

If your boss or manager doesn’t offer you a raise it’s definitely the time to ask for it. In some cases – you did it and then got a raise. But sometimes it may occur that even after that you can earn more doing the same type of work but at a different company.

It may happen that raises you get are so tiny that almost unnoticeable. You may feel that your earnings freeze but somehow asking for more seems inappropriate. If you feel that your time and qualifications are worth more you start looking for a new place where you will be paid better.

There are companies where employees are being deceived. Your boss says you can’t get raise because the state of the company is bad or a big project that is already finished went bad. The truth may be 100% opposite but if there is a way bad boss doesn’t have to give you a raise he will use it.

2nd – Lack of self-development or advancement possibilities

You are eager to work because it gives you joy or at least you feel good in your workplace. There are always areas where things could go better so you look for improvements.

You come up with new ideas and give it to your manager or boss but unfortunately nothing changes. When your initiative has no support or interest from supervisor you may feel that you are not taken seriously.

There are also different companies which encourage their employees to come up with ideas of improvements but the budget may be too low to implement changes. So when you don’t have tools necessary to do the job better although you try in many ways you may feel like trying to break the wall with your head.

In a few words, you can’t change anything even though you try hard. When it gives no result you don’t want to waste your energy. You will look for a place where your potential can be used fully.

3rd – You are bored

Several years at the same company. You know everything, you mastered every aspect of your work. Similar tasks every week make your work life repetitive and boring. On one hand you are in your comfort zone because you are an expert in your field. On the other hand you start feeling that your life is about something more.

Being stuck in one place and not developing(nie to słowo chyba na rozwój) yourself is in fact going backwards. You feel that change is inevitable. It’s time for something new, refreshing, ambitious, interesting. You want to feel great again.

4th – Horrible boss or management style

Among a group of ten people, five of them can say that they are not satisfied with their job because of the style of the management. Usually it’s difficult or impossible to tell your boss that what he does is inappropriate or needs to be changed.

If you come to work and feel bad almost everyday because of your boss who yells, does not respect people or treats them like a cheap work force that can be replaced at any time, you won’t stay long.


Of course there might be a different reasons for leaving the job. Generally speaking if you come to work and feel like you want to leave that place your mind may have a message you should consider.

Why are you leaving your current job – POSITIVE FACTORS

On the  other hand there might be some positive factors that may encourage you to leave your current job. Challenges you faced in it don’t have to mean that something bad happened and your choice was inevitable. Sometimes you just look inside yourself and follow your dreams or desires.

1st – New job for new experience

If you are a person that is eager to gain new experience or is just curious how it is somewhere else you are not afraid of looking for new opportunities. And when they come you don’t hesitate long but take the chance. That way your skills and experience grow fast. Your ability of adapting to new conditions makes your mind flexible and ready to learn.

It’s good to look for new experience although employers may be cautious before they give you a job. If your CV contains a lot of positions of different jobs you took in a short period of time it may create an impressions that you can’t stay in one place for too long. It’s good to take it into consideration.

2nd – Go abroad

Sometimes you want to look for experience outside your country. Going abroad demands courage and it’s absolutely full of new experiences. If language of the country of your destination is different from your native, you can be sure that you will find yourself in many demanding situations.

Everybody who goes abroad for at least a couple of months says it opens the eyes – figuratively and literally. You learn new language, culture, cuisine and thanks to that you can look at yourself and your country in a different way. You just see more because of a different perspective and that is good and helpful.

3rd – Freelancing

It’s more common nowadays than ever before. More and more people want to go out of the rat race and do what they want, like and are good at. And of course on their own conditions.

If you have a skill that might serve others why not using it your way? Especially when your boss doesn’t let you take full responsibility and pays you at most half of what your services are worth.

It’s not easy to start freelancing just like that. You have to know what you want to do, who your clients will be and what the worth of your service is. At first you might try to do it part time, combining it with your current job to secure your monthly income. Then if everything looks promising you can take a brave step and focus 100% on your activity.

4th – Your own business

If you gained a skill and don’t need a boss anymore it may be time to start entrepreneurial career. It won’t be easy because you have to take all the risks but in the end, having your own prospering business is a reward itself.

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So, why are you leaving your current job? Do you know your reasons yet? If you are reading this there is a good chance your mind gives you signals that something needs to be changed.

Be positive, think brave and don’t let your comfort zone give up on your dreams. If you feel that you need a change, don’t hesitate to make it.

If your current job doesn’t meet your goals and ambitions don’t be a volunteer victim accepting mediocrity. Do something, push forward with a smile on your face and become the best version of yourself.

At the end, take a moment to listen to Les Brown. His words will inspire you to take action. 

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